Slow Block-in

At my current rate with the slow block-in this painting is going to take much longer than my previous paintings. I’m okay with that.

I figure that each painting needs to take as long as it should take… That is not really saying much of anything. What I mean is, I’m going to work on this painting and get it to a point where I think it is correct no matter the time it takes.

Richard Schmid in his book Alla Prima says that you should write a statement and pin it close to your easel. That statement should say, and I paraphrase.

Never knowingly leave anything wrong on your canvas.

I guess this is the idea that I’m going for. But it is kind of a fine line to walk, because I’ve also heard from other artists about over obsession with perfection.

Slow Block-in
Slow Block-in

I’m seeing a lot of greens and purples in the skin. I’m pushing these colors a bit in plans of going over them later with some semitransparent color. But, I must say that adding greens, blues, and purples to the skin makes it look more accurate.

Slow Block-in, detail


Slow Block-in, setup


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