Slow and Sensitive

Im working slowly now, I’ve got my focus back and I’m sensitive to the subtle changes in the figure.

Yeah, the title sounds like a bad love song but this method of working is going well for me currently. I worked mostly on the clavicle, deltoids, sternocleidomastoid and trapezius for this session. While working I thought more about what was under the skin and also recognized how the underlying structure changed the value or color of the skin. Especially for the left clavicle, it is so prominent in this photo that I wanted it to feel like a bone right at the surface with skin stretched over it. Also the connection of the sternocleidomastoid into the sternum.

I have to mention the New Masters Academy site and the anatomy videos by Ray Bustos. I’ve studied anatomy off and on for years but I never understood it so well until I watched Ray’s videos 3 or 4 times.

Slow and Sensitive
Slow and Sensitive
Slow and Sensitive, setup

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