Skulls and More Skulls

Drawing skulls are much harder than I thought they would be, especially from memory. I really have to work 3 or more hours a day on this in order to commit any of it to memory. My goal is to be able to draw a skull from any angle at some point, but I fear that I may be on this for months. One of the toughest things about this is keeping patient. I will have to intersperse some painting in between some of my drawing sessions so I don’t get too burnt out.

The Drawings

chris-beaven-skull-work-1-062615 chris-beaven-skull-work-2-062615 chris-beaven-skull-work-3-062615 chris-beaven-skull-work-4-062615 chris-beaven-skull-work-5-062615 chris-beaven-skull-work-6-062615

Session Details