Skull Work

Working hard with the Watts Atelier again tonight and it’s proving to be more challenging than I thought, again. Tonight is all about human skulls, the drawing and construction.

I’m getting deeper into anatomy now. For years I would discount the learning of anatomy because I thought that just drawing what you see accurately would be enough to get well rendered drawings of the figure. In many situations I think this is still true, but even with a small fundamental understanding of the back muscles and how they attach to bones and where they move on the body gave me an immediate higher level of understanding when looking at figure photo reference.

Honestly I looked at Atlas of Human Anatomy for the Artist (Peck) for the neck and back just to get an understanding where the muscles were placed. When I returned to my reference immediately began to see more detail in the figure. Needless to say I will be adding anatomy study to my daily, weekly, monthly routine.

The Drawings














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