Skull Drawing Session 3

The third session on this skull drawing was kept short, I don’t think I was feeling well and I’m beginning to understand the importance of daily fitness along with my daily art.

It seems that if I go more than three days without doing a workout that I begin to lose all my energy to spend time on art or much of anything else. I feel lethargic and want to take a nap all day. I’m going to have to get Pattie Beaven to make me a workout themed around art, I think she would like that.

Skull Drawing Session 3

2 thoughts on “Skull Drawing Session 3”

  1. I DID THAT! Of course you probably don’t remember it, but for your 1000 days of art, I created a workout with artists’ names. Rembrandt Rows, Van Gogh V-ups, etc? WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT FROM ME?!?!?!


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