Single Sunflower: Focus on Quality

Tonight was more than just about doing artwork but I also tried to focus on quality of the work. I was inspired by a video on Youtube video by Scott Robertson where he was showing off the sketchbooks of Chris Ayers who has been doing daily art for over 8 years.

Here is the video, in it they show off Chris’s sketchbook and talk about his daily routine of sketching animals. What I was inspired by was the quality of the artwork. Some of the sketches are quick but others are well rendered finished pieces that are meant to be sold or printed.

Now I’ve been doing daily art for close to three years now but most of the time my focus is just on learning. So tonight I figured I would try and change it up a bit.

And the subject for my focus on quality painting tonight was my super cheap and awesome pot of sunflowers. I knew that this was going to take me the whole session and I know how slow I am with gouache so I cheated a little by using a mat board that was already black. This was a bit of a challenge because everything I placed had to be in the right spot, there wasn’t much room for errors.

The Sunflower Painting Setup

painting setup with focus on quality

I’m very happy with how the painting turned out and I was very surprised of how lost I was in the process. The time seemed to fly by and during each break I couldn’t wait to get back to painting. I felt like each well done stroke I put down fueled my motivation for the subsequent strokes. I wonder if this focus on quality in painting or drawing will be better for keeping my stamina going for very long works.

The Sunflower

the sunflower I painted with a focus on quality

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