Shuksan Study 3

The third study painting of Mt Shuksan in the series and it may be the worst yet, but it has some good things also.

For this third study I had some basic ideas of what I wanted to achieve.

  • A change to the composition to improve my goal of depicting grand scale
  • Colors similar to the photo but edited for better effect
  • Simplicity
  • Use the previous study to learn from
  • Simplify the shapes more, don’t work so hard on the details
  • Softer edges
  • Try a canvas size a bit more vertical

I got too detailed again. I’m finding it super challenging to keep everything simple. The next time this will be my priority. I may go overboard but I can always dial it back after I learn

What I can improve for the next painting.

  • Simplify the mountain into one basic shape.
  • Don’t rush the foreground because you spent so much time on the clouds and sky.
  • Go back to a square canvas for the next one.

Here is what I like about this study

  • The texture of the clouds and their softness is good.
  • The gradation of sky and it’s values.
  • The hits of yellow in the clouds.

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