Shuksan Study 1

I’m starting a new series of studies with the same subject, Mt Shuksan. Eventually I hope to turn what I learn into a large painting.

For this first study I had some basic ideas of what I wanted to achieve.

  • A beginning composition that I can improve with each study
  • Colors similar to the photo but I’m sure to improve
  • Keep it simple
  • Learn what I can improve upon

What I can improve for the next painting.

  • Better value range between foreground, middle distance, background and sky
  • Use much less paint when applying the initial drawing and first layer of paint
  • Use gessoed paper that doesn’t have lines all over it
  • Simplify the shapes more, don’t work so hard on the details
  • Less hard edges
  • Try a canvas size a bit wider or a little less height

Here is what I like about the first study

  • Nice gradation of sky color, especially when using a little lemon yellow in the sky closest to the ground
  • The road next to the building and the building itself
  • Leading the eye to the point of interest
  • The blue used for the shadow on the bottom left of the mountain

Session Details