Shoulder Pads

I spent a lot of time today working on a part of the Storm drawing that I ended up erasing. There was too much detail in her shoulder pads and it was distracting.

The reference I was using to draw the shoulder pads was a picture a a storm figurine. I like the structure of the shoulder pads but they ended up being too distracting.

Unfortunately the charcoal didn’t remove so well. I need to figure out something to put over that area.

Charcoal Storm drawing

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One Minute Gestures

My gestures at the moment are in the middle of a bit of a transition as I process information from Nicolaides and Steve Huston’s book. I’m trying to find the form and communicate motive at the same time and doing that is one minute is hard.

Warm-Up and Cube Practice

At some point I’m going to get out my ruler and sit down to do nothing but cubes in perfect three point perspective. I thought I knew it but I really need to do some exercises.

Thanks Kath for telling me about I’m planning on going through the exercises on their site, it think, I have so much that I’m doing right now, I may be overloading myself.


Side note: I found this awesome post that lists all the materials that famous illustration and comic book artists use.

Cylinder Practice

Lots of trouble with my cylinder practice today. The three point perspective boxes with cylinders inside of them practice may be coming up soon.

Cylinder study

Daily Composition and Daily Sketch

I do these sketches at the end of my art day and I’m not putting the focus in on them that they deserve. Unfortunately the drawing shows that and I’m going to revisit how necessary this practice is right now.

What went well?

Very full art day! Even after erasing the shoulder pads.

What needs work?

I need to assess all that I’m working on in art and figure out what is most important and focus more.

What did I learn? has some wonderful information for anyone just learning and how to practice with the most progress in less time.

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