Sherlock Drawing

I started a new Fandom Fitness drawing today and this one is of Benedict Cumberbatch from the awesome BBC series Sherlock.

The start of this drawing took a lot of time because I needed to do a lot of research and find the image that best matches my motive.

I ended up going with three images. One for the face, another for the hair and the third for the coat.

Sherlock drawing

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Modeled Drawing in Watercolor

Today’s Nicolaide’s exercise is with watercolor. I’ve been doing these for several weeks now and I’m still very new at watercolor. But they are meant to be quick and simplistic. The product is not the purpose.

That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. 🙂

modeled drawing in watercolor

Daily Composition

Yesterday at the park I observed a father playing with his children on the swing set. I hope that one day he will realize how bad smoking is for him and his children…

This composition was very challenging I had to draw the figures two or three times to get them even a bit near to what I wanted. Drawing from memory is super hard!

daily composition

What went well?

I got started right away on the next Fandom Fitness image and I’m enjoying the Sherlock drawing so far.

What didn’t go so well?

Too much time spent looking at images.

What did I learn and/or how can I do better?

Learning anatomy and the body from every angle would be a super great skill to have. This would improve my daily compositions and my art tremendously.

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