Curling for Rhinos today! I have been planning for this day for weeks and at the beginning of it I was super nervous. I was on the spot to make a good painting and everyone would be watching.

This was a crazy day. We started our morning in Parkdale Oregon at our bed and breakfast and didn’t leave there until after visiting Mt hood lodge. Then it was an over 4 hour drive all the way back home hopefully in time to get ready and go to the Curling event.


The outcome of my artwork depends a lot on my state of mind, and after we got home late and was running late for the event my state of mind was not the best and I was very afraid of turning out a terrible painting. But after I setup my easel I put on my headphone, some good music and set about clearing my head and calming myself. I really think this was essential for me making a good painting.


The painting we very well, I wasn’t distracted much at all and Pattie was super awesome as she would stop by and hard cider or a plate of tacos would appear like magic. Man it was awesome, I would paint constantly all day if I had this kind of service. The painting took me about 4 hours to complete. I took very few short breaks and I didn’t get to do any curling but after I was finished I was able to hand out with some friends and talk a bit. Everyone really liked my work and gave me many compliments. All in all it was a very long but great day.


The Setup










Close up



All the Rhino paintings on display



  • Session: 498
  • Work: 470
  • Width: 29"
  • Height: 8"
  • Medium: Oil
  • Location: Rhino painting from photograph
  • Art Time: 4
  • Creative Time:



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