Session #489, Work #466

Tonight I started on the first rhino painting that will be auctioned off during “Curling for Rhinos”. I’m not sure yet what I’m going to paint while I’m at the event so I’m going to use these first few paintings to figure out a subject.

For some reason I have an aversion to painting from photos, but for this subject matter its necessary. I would love to have enough money to fly to Africa for a week and paint the wildlife there, but even then I would have to paint from photos because getting a Rhino to sit still for an hour is not going to happen. Although I always make sure that adjust any photo that I use, and several times I ran across some beautiful photographs that I could not use because adjusting them wouldn’t do justice to the photograph.


I did a Google search for rhino images and I picked out a few that I had an immediate reaction to. Most of all of the photos that I responded too emotionally were black and white. Right away I knew that I would be doing this piece all in value scales. There is something about black and white that conveys a seriousness in the subject and can be very contemplative. I want to impart a bit of sadness here also, because the plight of the rhino and our effect on them is very sad. I intentionally darkened this photo way down pushing the rhino into the darkness. The darkness is engulfing the rhino, taking it over and on the verge of making it disappear all together.


The Setup


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