Session #481, Work #458

I didn’t get started on this painting till almost midnight tonight. Wow, where does the day go?

Yeah I really like this lamp and I don’t feel bad for painting it two days in a row. I wanted to focus on some perspective drawing tonight so I picked a composition that would have the top of the table and our box of pictures in it. I also got lucky and my cat decided to jump into the composition.


I’m also working with some new Gamblin mediums tonight. I have been trying their Gel medium and “Neo Melgyp”… strange name but I think I like it. It is supposed to be a modern replacement for the Maroger medium and so far its work well. The main reason why I want to try some mediums is to thin out the paint a bit so its viscosity is a bit higher. Right out of the tube the paint is way too stiff for anything other than a bristle brush and I find that I can’t paint as thick as I want to under these conditions. So I’m adding the medium to all my paint before I start with the intention of painting thicker.


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