Session #480, Work #457

I really love my new lamp. We don’t have much light over our living room table and I have been wanting to find a lamp for the table for a while now. One day while at goodwill I picked up this 5 dollar Ikea lamp that is just a cord and and a cone with the idea of suspending it from the ceiling over the table. Then I had this idea of using some natural branches to suspend it from. The lamp has sit in my apartment for months until the landscape guys around my apartment decided to start trimming the trees yesterday. I asked them if it was Okay if I could grab a few of the discarded limbs, of course they were fine with it. I ended up tacking the tree to the wall after putting it in a vase then stringing the light up. It turned out wonderful and I knew right away I was going to paint it.


I’m not sure what to call this method of painting. Maybe the “Schmid Way”… I’m not sure. But I do know that painting this way seems to always be successful for me. Not only does the painting turn out well, but I tend to spend much more time working on it if I paint this way. So tonight was no different, I focused directly on the lamp then moved out from there. I was so focused in painting that I barely had a quarter of the painting done in 30 minutes, and this is a very small canvas.


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