Session #433, Work #413

Tonight wasn’t a random pick, but I didn’t contrive a still life either. A few weeks back I purchased a really cheap small lamp from Goodwill and tonight I used it to light random things around my apartment. I made no effort to change the apartment or its messiness in any way, I just added dramatic lighting and I was amazed at how quickly the ordinary became extraordinary. 



Simple shapes is all I thought about with this painting and in a way it is almost abstract. I like that its on the edge of abstraction, maybe the edge of realization. I wonder how long I can keep the viewer wondering about what their looking at before realization sets in. The concept, I must admit, is very intriguing.


The photo below in intentionally blurred. I worked from both the photo on my phone and life for this one. I really liked how all the sharp lines were blurred on the photo and I tried to repeat that somewhat in the painting but I didn’t push it far enough I think. Also I need to find an app that will intentionally blur a photo…


The Setup




The Subject


Session Details