Session #418, Work #398

Well, I figured out the oil panel thing tonight. My last painting was terrible because I didn’t know how to correctly apply the paint to a different surface.


My normal gesso primed canvases have a lot of texture to them and they absorb the paint a bit. These last two paintings are using an oil ground which both smooths out the texture of the canvas and lowers the amount of absorption a bit. The biggest issue I was having was trying to keep my bristle brushes from marking up the surface so much that it looked more like scraping then a brush stroke.


My solution was to use different brushes. I had a pile of synthetic sable brushes that I haven’t used in forever and as soon as I applied some paint with these it was like icing on a cake, smooth and silent. I’m kind of torn though. It takes a long time for these panels to dry and I will have to prime a bunch of panels and keep up the process so I can always have some drying while using the ones that have finished drying. It’s going to be a lot of work so I have to decide if its worth it.


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