Session #413, Work #393

Tonight Pattie picked room 4, which is our computer room / studio, and 210 degrees. Which so happened to be the exact place we were facing when I asked her to pick the random numbers. I don’t know how she does it, its kind eerie. 


This may be one of my better composition of an interior so far. My first inclination was to paint facing the Mac directly and have an interesting image on the screen the focus for the scene. But I kept finding myself drawn to the light cast on the floor and I’m beginning to recognize my instincts here. I’m glad I listened.


There is not much light in this room, not much color either so I didn’t find it necessary to add much color at all. I was more intrigued by the values and the composition. So, I intentionally kept the whole painting black and white until the very end where I added hits of color. This reminds me of a series of painting I did years ago which were all black and white.


“Fridgerator” 36×48 Oil on Canvas 2007



“Pattie Front Door” 35×45 Oil on canvas 2007



“Pattie Kitchen” 35×45 Oil on canvas 2007



“Untitled” 20×14 Monoprint 2007



The Setup




The Subject





Grayscale picture




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