Session #395, Work #377

I have always had trouble with gestures, and tonight was not different. I know why I suck at them, I don’t practice them. So I normally just fall back into a slower drawing style moving from one specific shape to the next. The drawings turn out better but I still don’t get any gesture practice. One day I will actually bite the bullet and just go to a few gesture classes. 


I was happy with how the painting turned out. I wanted to focus on more of a portrait with the model, and I was behind the lighting stand so I had to contend with that a bit also.  I worked for the longest on getting the drawing of the face correct, there were so many super small shapes and value adjustments that proved difficult. But, overall I’m happy with the outcome. The drawing could be better, but I like how I was able to turn most of the forms and achieve some very accurate, although much too intense, color.


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