Session #394, Work #376

I realized that I didn’t take any setup pictures of my still life tonight, so your just going to have to deal with nothing but text.

I was having a ton of trouble with glare on my painting tonight. When painting a canvas with nothing but black, it picks up light from everywhere. I tried several times to shield it from glare but all my attempts were futile. This painting deals so much with very subtle changes in very dark colors that I didn’t want to push through the glare only to really screw it up. So, I listened to my head and decided to paint something else.


Jamie gave me a challenge. To paint my still life from a different angle, using only primary colors (red, yellow, blue) with no black or white and a big brush. I really learned a lot doing this. There is only way to make a lighter value and that was with yellow, but if that value needed to have a cool color to it then I needed to mix green, which was still fairly warm. The dark areas were easier to move from cool to warm. I really learned quickly how important white is and how it really effects everything we see. I also learned a lot about just adjusting value with nothing but color and not needed to hit white each and every time.

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