Session #386, Work #372

I was surprised that I was able to get this whole chart done tonight.

Schevenings Yellow Lemon Chart



Chart Notes:

  • Out of all of the charts so far this one has the most harmony throughout.
  • Schev yellow lemon mixed with Schev yellow med shows barely any difference in hue.
  • The mixture with Schev red scarlet produces what might be the most intense orange of my whole palette.
  • Mixed with Tor and mid value makes a great yellow ochre.
  • The values of this entire chart are much lighter throughout, this may be the reason for the increased harmony.
  • Mixed with Viridian, Manganese Blue and Ultramarine produces a nice varied range of light greens.
  • I moved TOR on this chart left one column as I felt that Alizarin crimson was much cooler, but when mixed with Schev yellow lemon I see that TOR is a much cooler color.
  • Schevenings Yellow Lemon is a very stiff paint, and its tinting strength is very low.



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