Session #385, Work #371

Six hours of work on these charts today, I definitely don’t have any issue with longevity when doing these charts.


Viridian Green LIght



Viridian Green Light note:

  • If I ever need an intense green viridian is the place to start.
  • Overall viridian is a very cool green.
  • The mixture of Alizarin and Viridian makes a very nice subdued purple.
  • Very similar to the Manganese Blue chart, the Viridian chart has much less harmony throughout.
  • I may have mixed the value ranges here a bit light because the most vivid of the swatches are consistently one shade lighter rather than in the mid value.



Alizarin Crimson



Alizarin Crimson Notes:

  • I would consider this color to be indispensable with painting flesh.
  • There are a nice range of purples here that I have seen in flesh that I will need to keep in mind.
  • The mixture of Red Scarlet and Alizarin was much more intense then I would have expected. It has a very high intensity yet a very light value.
  • Alizarin, with Veridian, Manganese Blue, or Ultramarine Deep make really nice blacks. The addition of Transparent Oxide Red to any one of these would make a deep black that would play easily between warm and cool.
  • Most of the colors that I see in flesh (when in light, not shadow) can be found with a mixture of Alizarin Crimsin, Yellow and/or Transparent Oxide Red.



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