Session #384, Work #370

I finished up the Manganese Blue chart today and begun the Veridian Green Light chart. I’m using all Old Holland paints for these charts. These are some of the most expensive paints you can buy, but I want paint that has a very high pigment content and quality. I expect these charts to be used for years to come, and for my most important paintings I will want to use the best paints.

Manganese Blue Chart



Chart Notes:

  • Two cool greens with some intensity.
  • Two very subdued purples that border on gray.
  • One green that is so close to gray that its hard to tell that its green with Transparent Oxide Red.
  • A turquoise color that I didn’t expect with a Veridian Light mixture.
  • A subtle shift in blue with the Ultramarine Deep mixture.
  • Overall there is less harmony in this chart than with the Transparent Oxide Red chart.
  • Manganese blue is a very very weak color, every other color will out tint it tremendously easy.



Veridian Green Light Chart


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