Session #383, Work #369

I felt like one hour was not near enough time to call it a good session yesterday. There something about doing color charts that makes me feel as if its not as important as painting something. Richard Schmid would disagree, but I just get that feeling that I’m cheating in some way.


To counteract that feeling I did 4 hours of work on the carts today and finished the chart for Transparent Oxide Red. I also started my next chart for Manganese Blue. Another color I just added to my palette that I have no idea about where to use it.


Transparent Oxide Red


Chart Notes:

  • I’m loving TOR much more after doing this chart.
  • It’s almost impossible to tell the difference between the Yellow Lemon column and the Yellow Med column. If this fact continues through all the charts I could eliminate one of the colors from my palette or at least use either one for the same mixtures.
  • TOR makes some great caucasion flesh tones, and I like the subtle changes between yellow and red flesh like colors when moving from the yellow columns to the red and alizarin crimson.
  •  TOR also makes some amazing darker skin flesh tones with the addition of Veridian Light and Manganese Blue, I never would have thought that.
  • TOR and Ultramarine deep makes a beautiful war gray.
  • TOR and Ultramarine deep also make a wonderful warm black.
  • TOR out tints every color tremendously, literally it kills all my other colors, I have to mix twice as much of all the other colors to get it to change.
  • TOR and Alizarin Crimson cut to a mid tone with white makes an amazingly vivid yet dark red.



Manganese Blue Chart


Not much for notes here, this is just the start of the chart. The first column is just the color plus white. I am noticing how intense manganese blue is.





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