Session #382, Work #368

I was thinking that these charts would be easy, but I was wrong. These 10 colors alone took me 1 hour to mix.


Years ago I had done these charts while reading Richards Schmids book Alla Prima. This is the best way I know of exhausting most, if not all, of the color possibilities for my current palette. Their also a great reference while working on any painting. This color chart is for Transparent Oxide Red and I started with it because I just recently added it to my palette and I really don’t understand it well enough to use it. Doing this chart for it will give me loads of information about the color.


Many of my fellow students regarded the charts then (and now) as just an ordeal to be dispatched with as quickly as possible, or simply bypassed for a crack at the more serious business of creating Art. In their impatience to get to painting, they missed the point that it was the doing of the charts and how they were done that mattered. I was lucky because I enjoyed doing them. I thought they were fun, like making cake frosting and getting to eat it all instead of just licking the pan. No tummyache either, just deliriously beautiful color! The meticulous attempt to my colors perfect gave me not only a grasp of the potential in my palette, but the ability to unerringly mix any color I needed-without guesswork. Richard Schimid

What I have learned from doing the charts so far:

  • Some of the color differences in each swatch are so close that its very hard to tell there is any difference at all.
  • Transparent Oxide Red is a very powerful color and will out tint any other color on my palette.
  • Straight out of the tube TOR is very dark, almost black looking.
  • I had to add a ton of Yellow Lemon to the second column to tint TOR down just a little bit.
  • The colors are much more vivid in the mid range.
  • No matter that TOR is very warm, it becomes much cooler with white.


The Chart Closeup



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