Session #381, Work #367

Daniel was the model tonight and her poses were making people in the class say “Wow”. There is something about a great pose that gives you the energy and motivation to block out everything and focus on drawing as if nothing else exists. Sometimes if a model is great the drawings around the whole room will look great.


There was one of the two minute gesture drawings that I did tonight that I really liked. It looked a bit animated, or like an animator did it, but it captured the movement and weight well. Jamie liked one of the very “artsy” drawings I did, but I’m not sure that I will continue doing drawings this way. Although, I know for a fact that I don’t like drawing in a very illustrative way.


Drawing with perfectly contoured flowing lines, like the lines you see in the silhouette of amazing cars or architecture is too far removed from life and the kind of organic imperfection that happens to always look correct. Its the difference between a Gainsborough and a Rembrandt, one is pretty the latter is powerful.


The Drawings







One of my best gestures since I started.













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