Session #378, Work #365

I didn’t finish tonight’s self portrait, but I’m ok with that. I think its great. I worked for two hours with really extreme focus on getting every stroke as correct as possible. Thinking the whole time about form, value and color. I worked methodically, starting with the eye on the right and working out from there, taking my time.


I think my focus was so strong that I didn’t have any energy left after two hours so I didn’t bother with much of the hair, neck or background. I’m not so sure about the texture of the paint though, it looks kinda random and doesn’t really describe the form well. It kinda feels like I did it to indicate that the paint was think, but nothing more than that.



Tonight I wanted to paint like Richard Schmid. He does a very general wash on the painting, sets up some landmarks then goes right for the finishing strokes in his focus. Then he will move out from there over the whole painting, comparing everything with his beginning focus. This painting style takes lots of focus and I wanted to try and keep that focus through the whole painting.


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