Session #374, Work #361

I had a great night tonight at life drawing. The gestures went well and Jamie had us do these three minute box drawings of the model and her surroundings. They were small and quick so it forced me to think about nothing but the major shapes and values. Jamie also encouraged me to do these nightly, as they would increase my ability to look upon things as a scene, with a focus on composition.  I really like the idea so I’m thinking about getting a special sketchbook that will take charcoal well just for these types of drawings.


The painting went well also. I think I only worked about 45 minutes total on the painting. With the model breaks, eating a sandwich, going to the bathroom and discussions with jamie the hour and a half of time was cut very short. But I’m very surprised at how much I accomplished in that amount of time. Its not really a “finished” painting but it has all the characteristics of a good painting on its way to becoming awesome. I feel like if I could get any painting to such a good state in this amount of time that the painting would most definitely be a success once finished..


The Drawings














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