Session #370, Work #357

Opposite to popular belief making art is not always fun, or easy. Sometimes its like a freaking job, and almost all of the time its hard work. Unless of course your happy with mediocrity and have no need to improve, then it can get pretty fun and easy. But that is not my goal.


I worked on the still life for about a half hour then took a small break and really felt drained with no energy to continue for tonight. So, I sat my butt in the chair and kept painting. Why? Because the only cure for not working is WORKING! This was a hard life lesson for me, I would always make excuses and never get anything done just because I didn’t feel like it or there was something better to do, or something interesting on the TV or a new game to play. But when those distractions were gone I was till faced with the nagging dread of accomplishing nothing and wasting more time.


See its like this. When you don’t feel like doing something you know will make your life better, or will further your goals the only way to get around that feeling is to just recognize it, own up to it, then run right over it as you accomplish something. I have found that when I don’t feel like painting, or drawing, that after I get started I can’t stop. It’s a constant flow of energy, and I find that when I put energy into my goal or when I put work into my art that I get more energy in return. It’s almost like a conversation also. You won’t get anything from a person if you don’t talk to them. But if you engage there is a transfer of energy back and forth, that in most cases cascades and multiplies.


Just remember when your faced with this dread in your stomach when you know it would best to hit the gym, or practice the guitar or work on a still-life. Turn off your brain, move forward and let accomplishment destroy that dread you feel at the moment. Dread is fleeting, accomplishments last forever.

The Setup



Frye Art Museum: Franz Von Stuck

Here are a few amazing paintings that I had the amazing pleasure of viewing first hand at the Frye.


Autumn Evening With a Horseman
Wounded Amazon

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