Session #365, Work #356

Today was a HUGE day for me, I have been doing art every single day for an entire year and so today passed like most of our birthdays, a small celebration but nothing big. Its nice to have the first year under my belt, I feel like its a huge accomplishment and I’m really happy about it. Now, I’m looking to the future. I started this journey a year ago with one thing in mind, “Mastering art”, whatever that may be. Even though 1 year is done, my long term goal is much much longer. I plan on doing the same for at least 15 years. I figure after that amount of time I will have worked every day for 15 years and a total of around 10,000 hours on art. I hope at that time I will be a “master” at this craft, or whatever artistic craft I may be pursuing.


Tonight was mostly about composition. Of course I did  a self portrait but for the first hour or so I worked with some still life items, trying to think about composition and how to arrange a good still life. This is all in preparation for tomorrows class on painting where we will be going into still life composition and painting. I’m not sure if any of these composed still life images are good or not, but I think just putting the time in and thinking about it is well worth the effort.


I will not say much about the self portrait. I basically painted in the dark and the photo shows that well, and because of that I couldn’t see well enough to judge anything. Here is a picture of the painting taken in a bit better light.



The Composition Photos


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