Session #357, Work #348

Sometimes I find it very difficult to post the horrid monstrosity that I conjured in the late hours of the night, I even hesitate to call it art. But,I do it anyway and wave my flag of failure. Not to brow beat myself into submission but to deeply expose my errors and faults so they may be dispatched much easier. I see it as a shout to the future, a war cry to my inability. Hell yeah I screwed up tonight and it looks like crap, and its the best thing ever! Because we learn the most from our mistakes and failures, and if we drive through them with power and conviction we are that much stronger when we come out on the other side.


So, what the heck went wrong here? I started with reductive painting and achieved what I thought was a pretty good drawing and value setup. But I think that may be the beginning of the failure. Portraits need much more exact control of the drawing or else they turn out like Mr elephant man here. So I’m guessing that my drawing for the reductive start was too far off the mark and I did successfully bring it back into place throughout the painting.


Also, I had a bunch of confusion while painting. This may not seem like much but I have come to recognize my brains confusion while I paint. Sometimes its due to my inability to settle my thoughts and work, but most of the time it is due to lack of knowledge, or experience with a material. I remember the first time last year beginning to work with charcoal again, I was so confused that I had to explore all the materials very meticulously just to get a handle on them. Now, I work in charcoal with ease, I know it intricacies and how to manipulate it in may different ways. So, I think its obvious that I’m vastly inexperienced with oil paint, and the only fix for that is to work it constantly.


I started out the beginning of this journey last year with oil paint and dropped it to work on drawing, and I did it once again a few months ago. Now I think I need to take a stand and plan for a long journey working in oil.

After 1 hour


The Values

The values here aren’t terrible but they could use work, of course it doesn’t matter too much what the values are like if the drawing is this bad.

The Subject

This is not at all the same angle that I painted from, its hard to take a picture like that and not end up with the camera over your face.

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