Session #355, Work #347

Observing an object and translating it into two dimensions accurately and faithfully takes one very important ability. The ability to understand what you are seeing. I don’t mean the ability to name the object, I’m talking about the understanding of it’s shape in every minute facet. ¬†Single objects are much easier to understand, such as an apple. Its shape can be described with a circle in a very cartoon type way, which would still indicate a very limited understanding of the object. But the kind of understanding that I want to achieve would have the apples contour rendered down to perfectly match the original, along with all the subtle transitions of color on its skin.

So this is what I’m struggling with. I don’t just have one object I have a ton, and they are all connected in some way. So I begin by simplifying the clump of objects into some blob of color that matches the outline shape pretty much the same. Then I begin to refine that shape all the while looking harder and harder at the subject adjusting for accuracy. Today was a bit more refinement but so many times I felt my concentration wonder and I would loos my place in the transfer from object understanding to paint. This is where licking the canvas with the brush would come in, just putting down color randomly just to get it placed.


Tomorrow I will continue to refine this painting and hopefully I will get enough sleep and be attentive enough to give it the focus it deserves.

The Setup


The Subject


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