Session #348, Work #340

At 11pm I started this drawing. This is one of those nights when I want nothing more than to just got to bed but after 347 consecutive days of art that is not an option. There is something about night, right before bed, that sparks the creativity in me and I can dive deep into any work of art.

I like the combination of charcoal and graphite, but you have to be careful with it because the charcoal can reach much darker values and trying to reach that with graphite will just give you a very glossy splotch on your paper. Graphite doesn’t respond well to hard pressure, its like putting powdered metal on your paper then polishing it. I feel like if you press hard enough for long enough you could maybe see yourself in the graphite. To combat this I usually separate placement of charcoal and graphite into their own areas. For this drawing I used charcoal on the background and graphite on the flower. This worked well because the background needed dark shadows, smooth edges and subtle transitions. While the flower needed some hard edges and delicate lines, if anything graphite is superb at delicate lines.

All in all I think I did a OK drawing tonight considering the fullness of my day and how late I started.

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