Session #347, Work #339

So my wilting flower still life was a failure, but not due to the still life itself or the whole of the idea. What killed it was my choice of materials. I’m not sure if I will ever go back to gouache now, I hope that at some point in the future I have another reason to use it because I paid a good deal of money for the paints.

Tonight was another drawing of a flower and I felt that since I abandoned my long term still life I had to really prove myself on this drawing. So I focused hard and pulled out a drawing that I was very happy with.


More than once I have found that light, even though it may not be directly shinning in your eyes, will obscure your vision. Its very similar to when your windshield is fogged over and any other light that hits it will completely obscure your ability to see through it. Something like this happens with the light that pours out from the bottom of a lamp shade. And because the light for this still life was so close to the subject, I had to setup a piece of paper with a hole in it to block any arrant light yet allow me to see the flower better. I have to say that this really increased the clarity of the flower.

The Setup


The Subject


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