Session #343, Work #337

I woke up this morning  and looked at the still life and I couldn’t believe that the lilies deflated so much over night. The literally went from full wonderful flowers to limp and lifeless hanging pedals. I spent most of the day wondering how I was going to handle the change.

After some long thought about it I figured it wasn’t too bad to continue with the still life as it is. I hadn’t worked much into it the previous day besides a drawing of the basics so there wasn’t much concrete work done that could not be changed. Plus, I figured that all the flowers have done their major changes after the first night. I expect them to change more but any future changes should not be near as drastic.

The second issue though is my severe lack of knowledge of how to work gouache. I literally felt as if I was just haphazardly throwing paint around and hoping it would land in the correct place. I didn’t have much focus or direction at all and the outcome was disastrous. But, I will not be discouraged. I plan on continuing the painting tomorrow but this time I will execute it with a plan, with focus, patience and calmness.

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