Session #341, Work #336

I figured it would be interesting to split the flower in half with the background. Its very similar to a horizon line, but I wanted to see how the flower and its stem would play between the competing values. Unfortunately I didn’t spend the time in darkening in the black background much, I was so focused on the details of the withered flower that I left it mostly white.

After over an hour of drawing I decided to leave it like it is. I guess I could make some lame attempt at reason for this, but I will face the truth and say that it’s laziness. I just lack longevity with still life and its something that I need to work on. Although, I will say this, I love drawing the figure and I could sit in front of any human body and draw for days. I guess that says something about my long term subject that I should be thinking about.

The Setup


The Subject


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