Session #338, Work #332

I was a bit rushed tonight on this drawing. Pattie and I walked to Cinebarre, a theater very close to our house, but we arrived too late to see the movie without having to sit in the front row due to the theater being almost sold out. So we purchased tickets for the 10pm showing and decided to have dinner at Mazatlan instead.

After dinner and walking back home I realized that we would be getting back after the move after midnight and I needed to start my drawing right away or I would have to be up real late. So I setup this lily real quick and began to draw. After about 45 minutes we drove to the theater, saw the wonderful movie “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” and arrived back home in the new year. I spent a few more minutes on the drawing before I was content with calling it done. Even though the values could still use a lot of work.

The Setup


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