Session #336, Work #330

When starting a drawing most nights I have this urge to do more with each still life, so I intentionally stay away from very simple subjects. Maybe I think that their simplicity will transfer somehow into the drawing and it will be bad or unimportant from the start. That is not the case, and this drawing really shows it.

Really, I was being kinda lazy. I didn’t want to focus on all the detail held within a single sunflower and all the work to render the millions of subtle values. So, I just picked up one of the smallest dried flowers and spent a few minutes setting it up. The drawing itself isn’t that spectacular but I think the way its composed on the page really makes it shine. Maybe that is the key, or the most important element in making a great piece of art, composition.

After typing that I had to do a mental palm slap to my head. Of course composition is extremely important!

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