Session #318, Work #312

I realized tonight that drawing a thin person standing straight up is probably one of the hardest things to draw ever. Actually I think its even worse when your trying to do 2 minute gestures of the standing straight poses. There seems to be nothing to latch onto, there are so many subtle transition in the line that it takes a lot of concentration to get the quick strokes of the charcoal perfect. This is why the first few gesture drawing are really terrible.

After the gestures we did one with just an outline then a drawing with all values, lastly, and before our long pose, Jamie challenged me to do something a bit different. So that is why you will see one of my drawings having somewhat of a departure into abstraction.

For my last drawing of the night I was reminded by Jamie that composition was very important. And most of the drawings that I have liked in the past have been composed in some way. So I decided that I would take my time a look at the models pose for a few minute and figure out a good composition before starting. The mood in the drawing is a bit dark and brooding but I like that, it has emotion. Or at least it may spark some emotion in people. It was a fun drawing and a good night.



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