Session #314, Work #308

I was very excited to do the drawing for the fist time at Gage Academy or Art today, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to get there until after 1pm. So, by the time I walked into the building it was into full swing and it was PACKED with artists and everyone. There were drawing session with short poses, long poses, clothed models, nude models, multiple models and single models. More drawing opportunities than you could shake a stick at. Also all of the studios were open and it was nice to see some of the great work that was coming from Gage.

Everything seemed amazing until I started drawing. If you can imagine 50 or more artists packed into a studio with all their materials, trying to get a good view of the models, while other artists are constantly bustling in and out, with musicians and just random people walking around. Disruptive was an understatement. I think my easel was kicked at least 4 times while I was drawing. And to top it all off the studio I was in had the heat cranked up to the “hell” setting and I couldn’t take enough clothes off to keep comfortable. I even think the nude models were sweating.¬†Anyway, I commend Gage for a great opportunity but I think life drawing needs to be more controlled and much more professional.

Other than that, I had a great time. I was able to see a friends studio and her work, which we talked about at length. I definitely need more interaction with artists as the inspiration they provide is invaluable.



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