Session #310, Work #304

We had a wonderful dinner tonight with our good friends the Miller’s at Brouwer’s Cafe. I fit right in with the crowd as there was an unusually high percentage of beards throughout the restaurant. Maybe it was part of the dress code?

We didn’t get home till about 10pm and I was going to do a self portrait but didn’t feel like it so I walked back outside into the freezing cold to search among the millions of leaves outside our apartment. You know, there is a wealth of beauty right under you feet every day and all it takes is for you to look and see it. Honestly I found it hard to choose between several leaves, pine cones and branches for my still life. After a bit I setup this leaf that I thought looked like an octopus with its curly sharp legs. It also cast a really nice shadow after pinning it up. Although it kinda looks like a scientific specimen with it pinned up like that, I may have to do the next one in a more natural setup.



The Setup



The Subject


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