Session #304, Work #299

Every body is different and interesting, but sometimes we have a model with a body much different than the norm. Tonight’s model was very thin and her body had many spots where the bone could be seen plainly. All of these areas where the bone is closest to the skin are seen as “landmarks” for an artist and tonight’s model had so many that it made the drawing much easier.

I must say that a perfect body is great for the fantasy in fashion magazines but for an artist a perfect body can be rather boring. I seem to always have the most fun when the model is, like us all, wonderfully flawed. There was one pose tonight where the model tilted her head back in a very uncomfortable position and I could see enough interest in the shape of her neck to keep me drawing for days. Unfortunately, I don’t think anyone could hold that pose for more than a few minutes.

After returning home, I pulled out the long term drawing we did tonight and began to erase some unnecessary parts that really was not helping the drawing at all. I really think the edits to the drawing helped it out tremendously. I attached all versions at the bottom of this post.

The Drawings


After Class.


First edit at home.


Second edit at home.

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