Session #299, Work #294

Still inspired by Andrew Wyeth I was searching the apartment for anything that I owned that was dear to me. I quickly became surprised that I couldn’t find anything. It seems that I have no keepsakes, no meaningful trinkets lying about my home, whereas my wife has a ton of keepsakes around the home and each and every one has a special meaning to her.

I do have my artwork, some of it is precious to me, but a lot less than you would think. After searching for a long while I remembered the first book I read as a teenager, “The Hobbit”. Kinda fitting to pull this out now considering all of the renewed fame its getting thanks to the new movies. After reading this book when I was in high school I quickly began to devour fantasy novels.

The book also has a fishing hook in it, which I acquired years later while I was living in Florida. There is a special, and very personal, meaning to the hook so it is fitting that it always stays with the book, and the story behind stays with me.

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