Session #285, Work #282

So I’m having some drawing trouble with oils lately. I figured that if I drew the same subject in charcoal and payed close attention to how I use charcoal and figure out why I can draw so much better with charcoal rather than oil paint then I could apply the same methods from charcoal to oils with similar results.

I observed a few things, most of them obvious, but good to point out.

  1. Charcoal can be a much smaller instrument than a paint brush.
  2. Charcoal sticks do not change shape depending on pressure applied, while brushes change marks depending on pressure.
  3. Charcoal doesn’t require loading of material, while paint brushes require the constant reloading of paint into the brush. This makes it much easier to perform huge lines in charcoal.
  4. Charcoal is much easier to remove from the page, oil paint is much less forgiving here.
  5. There are many different ways to manipulate oil paint as well as charcoal but I’m much more familiar with how to move charcoal around with my fingers, other charcoal sticks, brushes, breath and towels. I need to build up a knowledge of techniques for moving oil paint around and manipulating it.

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