Session #276, Work #273

I don’t have much to show for the drawing class today. I had done a few drawings before the painting today but the painting took up most of the class so I didn’t bother taking photos of the drawings.


I tried something different today. Instead of starting directly with paint and drawing out the figure before working into the painting. I began with charcoal on the canvas and ended up drawing and erasing more than 5 times before I put brush to canvas. I was struggling from beginning to end with this painting, I couldn’t seem to get the drawing correct no matter what I did. I think I re-painted the shape of her head at least three times. So by the end of the session I ended up with a half rendered painting with nothing really resolved. Next life drawing class I may just break out the charcoal for the whole class and postpone the painting for a bit, it’s always great to work on pure drawing.


The Painting


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