Session #272, Work #269

Jamie had asked for input on the lighting and pose for this model and usually I don’t give my opinion much but for today’s spooky class I wanted some very dramatic lighting, something with emotion and even a bit cheesy. So, I proceeded to light the model myself, and Jamie and the whole class seemed to like it. Well, everyone said it was adequate, I hope I didn’t annoy anyone.


I thought the lighting was great, lots of dark shadow shapes on the model and wall behind her made it very interesting. I even like the jack-o-lantern I added as a prop, although he does look like some sort of sidekick wondering whats going on. All the artists had a nice laugh about it and I particularly liked the deep orange color.


I like this painting but, I’m feeling as though the size I’m using is not working well for the whole figure. Its very hard to get any detail when working in 8×10, the touches on the face were super small. Recently Jamie made a comment that I should hire a model so I could do a much larger, long term painting of the figure, I think he is right.


The Painting


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