Session #272, Work #268

The Undead Drawing class at Artists and Craftsman supply was great. I was looking forward to it all month after the all day pinup drawing class that Jamie Bollenbach hosted also.


The first model of the morning was dressed like a sexy devil with red horns, red lingerie and reclined on red. Needless to say there was a lot of red, but it contrasted well with her skin, hair and the white and black backdrop. I had a particular interesting time with trying to make the table she reclined on recede into space. I used an adjustment of hue to do that, with warmer colors up front and cooler colors in the back. You can’t really tell in the photo because the glare from the paint kills the effect.


The Painting



Sorry for the glare on the photo, at some point I need to figure out a quick and easy solution for eliminating glare when taking pictures of oil paintings.


EDIT: I was very disappointed in the glare from the first photo so I attempted to eliminate the glare by taking a picture of the painting at an angle then using Photoshop I distorted the image back to its original angle. The result turned out quite well I think. There is still some glare but its not so bad as before.


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