Session #251, Work #247

I found it difficult to achieve the intensity of the yellow in the bananas for this painting. So today I took a trip to my favorite art store and purchased some of the best colors I could get my hands on.

  • Old Holland: Titanium White
  • Old Holland: Scheveningen Yellow Lemon
  • Old Holland: Madder (Crimson) Lake Deep Extra
  • Old Holland: Manganese Blue
  • Old Holland: Burnt Umber

This is my basic palette with additions of Ultramarine Blue, and Cadmium Red when necessary. I maintain the idea that a limited palette is best, its easy to work with and constantly training me in color matching. I also like to work in colors with the highest intensity and the closest to CMYK printing colors. It has been proven for decades that any color imaginable can be reproduced with CMYK and the white of the paper. So far I haven’t found a color that I wasn’t able to reproduce with my current palette… well maybe the manufactured neon colors.


The Painting



The Setup



The Subject100513-subject

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