Session #244, Work #240

Even at 10 o’clock at night there was a large crown around the Lincoln Monument. We realized later that it was Saturday and that it seemed obvious that there were so many people. So this drawing turned out terrible,.my excuses are; the minimal light on my sketchbook, the limited time I had and my major mistake of starting out the drawing with charcoal and continuing in graphite. But, I don’t really care, I observed as best I could, and I completed a drawing, plus we had a great night at our nations capitol.


Side note, while I was drawing a very nice office asked if he could take a picture of the drawing after I was finished. I made my excuses before he took the picture after I was done, but we had a great conversation about his wife who was an artist and his respect for all artists. Some times I get a little up tight with people “bothering me” while I’m doing artwork, but I keep learning that I need to just relax and have fun.


The Drawing



The Subject


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