Session #225, Work #221

For a while I have been wanting to see what it would be like if I drew or painted a landscape from a completely digital world. The image that I drew was from a game called Skyrim. Its a beautiful game and the digital landscapes are very life like. There were so many images to choose from online that it was very difficult to pick one, most were beautiful and all could have exited in reality.

Of course this drawing was very short for the massive amount of detail that could have been achieved from the landscape. Even so, I think that no one would be able to tell that this was drawn from a digitally created world. Perhaps if I worked for a long time and painted this image it would begin to look digital, but that would take much more time then I was willing to give last night.

One day in the future I may return to this, but considering the time that I currently have to draw each night, it will have to wait for a while.

The Drawing


The Setup


Original Image


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