Always Find Challenges

I always seem to find something that challenges my abilities in the Wednesday life drawing class at A&C. I think its due to the change in pose duration.

I still haven’t quite figured out the purpose for gesture drawing. I have heard some say that its supposed to “loosen you up” for the longer drawings. I’m not sure how accurate that is considering the longer drawings don’t use long fluid strokes or attempt to describe the figure in just  few lines. I know gesture drawing is used throughout the study of a future animator, so I still wonder why its important for me. I don’t question that it must hold some importance for my progression as an artist, but the only thing that I can garner from it currently is that I suck at it.

The Drawings


2 minute poses


2 minute poses


2 minute poses


2 minute pose


15 minute pose


20 minute pose


1 hour pose. The figure in space again. The model tonight was wonderful in setting the mood and I figured that I would try and capitalize on it.

Session Details